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Low Voltage Application [FILL, SAVE, PRINT, EMAIL]  Adobe Acrobat File

PLEASE NOTE:  The above Adobe Acrobat forms require the Adobe Reader to view and/or print.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click the "Get Adobe Reader" button on the right to download the reader free of charge from the Adobe website.

Quick Start Guide:

Step 1. Click Here Application for Low Voltage Contractor (4 months before exam date)

 Step 2. Click Here to purchase your exam preparation and testing materials and register
                                            for a Power Learning online course or live workshop with advance Study Guide.

 Step 3. Study, Study, and then Study some more...

Step 4.    Click Here to pay the examination fees of $184.00 to the AMP testing center.
                                           (No later than 45 days in advance of the exam date)

Step 5.   PASS THE EXAM!

 Step 6.   Begin your electrical contracting business, be a professional, operate legally, and
                                            be attentive and responsible to your customers and you will profit and be happy.



Georgia Low Voltage Construction Industry Licensing Board Application Instructions:

     Part I

l (LVG) - any electrical system other than an alarm or telecommunication systems involving low-voltage wiring.

Alarm (LUA)
- installation, alteration, service or repair of any device or combination of devices used to detect a situation causing an alarm in the event of a burglary, fire, robbery, medical emergency or equipment failure.

Telecommunication (LVT)
- installation, alteration, service or repair of a switching system and associated apparatus which performs the basic function of two-way voice or data services, or both ,and which can be a commonly controlled system capable of being administered both locally and remotely via secured access.

Unrestricted (LVU)
- the installation, alteration, service or repair of telecommunication and alarm systems and all other low voltage systems.

Additional License Types: List any licenses issued by Georgia State Professional Licensing Board.

      Method Obtained By: Check examination if you are applying to take the State exam Check Reciprocity if you already hold a license and are applying for reciprocity.

      Name: Name Print your name as you would like it to reflect on your license.

      Social Security Number: Print your complete social security number which the state requires for tracking purposes.

      Date of Birth: Print your complete date of birth.

      Physical Address: Print you physical address. PO Box address are NOT allowed.

      Mailing Address: Print a mailing address on if it is different from your physical address.

      Daytime Telephone: Print a daytime phone number.

      Business or Cell phone Number: Print an alternate phone number.

      E-mail address: Print your complete email address.

      Veteran’s Preference: Check this if you are requesting Veterans’ Preference points you will need to provide a copy of your DD-214. (This only applies to applicants who are taking the exam.)

     Part II –Experience Record 

Specify Work Relating to Low Voltage Duties - Begin with Present employment:

Name of Employer:  Print complete name of employer.

Phone: Print contact telephone number for employer. If unable to put a valid number, state the reason you are unable to provide the number.

Employer’s complete Address: Print a complete address for employer if they are no longer in business put last known address and state employer out of business.

Name of Supervisor:  Print your supervisor’s complete name. If self employed put "Self".

Job Title of Supervisor:  Print you supervisor’s complete job title. If self employed put "Self".

Type of License Held:  Put the license number that the company holds.

Your Job Title:  Print your job title.

Employed From:  Print the month and year you started with the company. To: Print the month and year your employment ended with that company.  If you are currently employed with the company, print the current month and year.

Approximate# of Hours/Week you perform duties listed below: Print the number of hours you work on this job.

Description of low voltage Duties:  Print a complete description of your job duties.  Be very clear and detailed; state the different components used in you field and the role play in implementation of these components.  If during your years of employment with the company you have worked in different low voltage categories you September want to consider breaking them out to allow yourself the opportunity to expand on each low voltage types.  For example if you have worked on alarms and telecommunication systems, you would want to explain the different components and responsibilities as it pertains strictly to alarms.  Then break out another section to describe the components and responsibilities on the telecommunication side of your job. The goal of the section is to show your duties in the field you wish to qualify for, with emphasis on the low voltage work you do in your day to day schedule. You want the individual reviewing the application to understand what your job is without assuming.

Repeat as needed. If additional employment history space is needed you can use a separate piece of paper.

     Part III- References

   Attach 3 Completed original and notarized reference forms from the people listed below: Print the complete names, address, telephone number, and addresses for your three references.  At least one must be a licensed contractor. Next to any licensed contractor's name, in parenthesis you should include their license number.

Part IV – Personal History



Have you received a diploma in Engineering Technology or a certificate for completion of a vocational-technical college program?

Have you ever held a low Voltage contractors’ license?

Have you ever had a licensed revoked, suspended, or otherwise sanctioned by any board or agency, or have you ever been denied issuance of or, pursuant to disciplinary proceedings, refused renewal of a license by any board or agency in Georgia or other state?

Have you: (1) been convicted of a misdemeanor (other than minor traffic violations) within the past five years: (2) ever been convicted of a felony; or (3) entered into a plea of guilty, nolo contendere, or under First Offender Act?

If all of the questions are not answer your application is incomplete and September not be processed so double check that all questions and make sure you have a check by the yes or no.


     Part V- Certification

This section need to be sign in front of a Notary Public in order for the notary to notarize, and must be original signatures with sent to the state.

     Reference Forms

Low Voltage Contractors Applicant Reference Form:

Any person completing a reference form for an applicant must complete 1,2,3,5 and 6.

Any person with knowledge of and applicant’s installation experience needs to complete all eight (8) questions.

Once completed the individual must sign in front of a notary and signatures must be original when submitted to the state.

     Helpful Tips

If at all possible type your information into this form.  If you are unable to type it, be sure to print legibly.  A legible application makes for a smoother process.

Do not leave blank spaces. Place a N/A when they are not applicable.

Check and re-check the application before sending to the state.

Make copies of everything you send to the state.

When describing your job duties keep your description in the simplest of terms but still putting in as much detail as possible.


Remember to include the following in your package to the State:

Complete signed and notarized application.

Three (3) complete signed and notarized reference forms at least one being a licensed contractor.

A criminal background check. See www.GASBC.org for a local office to obtain a report.

A check for $30.00 payable to Georgia State Board of Construction.

Any follow up documents from Part IV.

If you have applied for Veteran’s Preference Points be sure to include a copy of your  DD-214 form.

We are happy to help you, so if you have any questions about how
to fill out this application or the process call us:


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