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Will my Georgia License be accepted in another state? Currently the only State which accepts Georgia low voltage license categories for endorsement is North Carolina. The State of North Carolina has an agreement with the State of Georgia accepting the results of their low voltage examinations based on the category of licensure but only after you have submitted a complete endorsement application, meet the State qualifications and been approved by the State of North Carolina licensing board.


Georgia all Classes of Low Voltage (LVU), (LVA), (LVT), (LVG)  =  North Carolina Special Restricted - Low Voltage (SP-LV)

For a detailed step by step application process for North Carolina Click Here

For information on other low voltage State licensing requirements Click Here

If you need guidance and support in submitting any application to the State,  contact us
and we will point you in the right direction: 404-474-8774 or License@LowVoltageExam.com

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